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News For February 6, 2014

Brothers and Sisters in Scripture Reading at the 11th Anniversary

Brothers and Sisters in Scripture Reading at the 11th Anniversary

The Blessings of the 11th Anniversary

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you all in His name!

There is no way that I could even begin to list the bountiful blessings of God to Living Water and her people over the past 11 years. The number of people who are turning to the Lord; the number of people who are growing in the Lord; the number of people who have emerged and who are emerging as leaders are among our prized blessings. 

What about the number of people and churches who are supporting Living Water? Shall we mention the number of students who have received a good education at Living Water? What if we were to mention the churches and schools planted, and the facilities that God has provided to us for ministry, the funds that he has provided to us in order to keep things running. It is all with the goal of diminishing the number of people going to the route of destruction, and increasing the number of people who are going to heaven. I mean, we are blessed beyond our wildest imagination. WE praise God for that and WE thank you for being our partner in all of these.

God's People Worshiping Him

God’s People Worshiping Him

From the first meeting in that 12′ X 12′ room, to moving into our first multi-purpose building and into two separate building and then to two adult services, we have come a long way. We are humbled by God’s graciousness, by His love and His provision. And He continues to bless us. 

Last Sunday, we celebrated our 11th anniversary. We had way more people than expected. We did not put the word out for people to come to celebrate with us. We did not provide a meal as has been our custom during the previous years. We could not have our traditional crusade outside as usual because we did not have the money the sound man required. Yet we had over 1,500 people in worship that Sunday morning. Some of us believe we had a couple thousand. I hesitate to state that in spite of the almost convincing arguments of my gals and guys. 

Committed to Evangelism this Year

Committed to Evangelism this Year

Having so many people was a blessing. The Spirit-filled worship was also a blessing. The three who came forward to give their lives to Christ were a blessing. The 14 men and women who came forward to give themselves to evangelism and mission for the year were a blessing. The quality of the sound was a blessing. The men and women who were engaged in making everything move smoothly was a blessing. Monexant, the Coordinator of the 11th anniversary, was himself a blessing. The presence of many members from White Mountain Church and their preacher was a blessing. So was the presence of Ezechiel from Marmelade Church. I could go on and on with this. In summary, God was here and has lavished His blessings on us.

This year they had to put up with me as a preacher. I was the one whom God used to bring the message entitled: “With Just Twelve.” The Holy Spirit did what He did in the early Church with mainly twelve willing and daring men. Consequently the gospel moved from border to border until it arrived to us. We can reach our city and our country if we work tirelessly under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit. During the challenge time about 14 men and women from their 20’s to their late 60’s came forward. Pray for them and for their plan to be engaged in evangelism in a consistent way.

Finally, to those who sent an e-mail wishing us a happy anniversary, thank you. We had a happy one.

In Christ,

Salonique and team

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