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News For July 1, 2014

Dr. Hobbs Figuring out How to Help this Man

Dr. Hobbs Figuring out How to Help this Man

Still Working

Dear Teammates,

Greetings to all of you in the name of Our Great Lord and Savior: JESUS!

Jesus did not say “It is finished” until HIS job to save the world was completed on the cross. Once He said it, He died. Paul did not give any hint about the completion of his work until he knew for sure that he was not going to survive his imprisonment in Rome. That’s when he said: “I have finished the race.” Jesus said: “My Father never stops working” (John 5:17, NLT). And He is still working. 

He has worked hard on some of us just to get us to say “YES” to His love. The rest of us who are His children and servants will agree that we are a work in progress. Thankfully The Master Craftsman is extremely patient. That is why no matter what our birth certificate reveals about our age, if we are still breathing, He is still working on us. Hopefully we will work to make His work easier each passing day.

Almost Like the Ethiopian Eunuch

Almost Like the Ethiopian Eunuch

It has been almost three weeks since Luke, my brother, came back from the USA for good. He is now ready to begin his work here. God has done amazing work on Luke to shape him into the man he is today. Praise be to God. I am pretty sure He will continue to work on Luke as he is ready to face the challenges that all the facets of his ministries will have. It is a very good thing for Living Water to have him back.

This past month, meaning June, God has used different teams from the USA to do different work on our campuses and in our lives. When the team from Mount Carmel left we had a team of two from Sedelia, MO . Lori and Chase made up that team. They worked at the clinic and at the school, but the bulk of their work was basically spending time with the kids. The kids enjoy that and I have a hunch that Lori and Chase had a great time with them too. 

When Lori and Chase left we welcomed another team from Missouri. This time it was from Warrensburg, MO. They were mostly from Northside Christian Church. Branson Barnhill from Tennessee also traveled with them. They did amazing work while they were here. They provided eye-care for 288 patients. As is always the case, they were not able to see all the people who needed to see an eye doctor. They had to leave behind some people tearing and crying because they did not get the chance to see the doctor. Today, four days after they left, I still have people asking me about the doctor. But now the big question is “When is the next eye-care team coming?” I don’t have an answer, but I do hope that Drs. Curtis and Hobbs can help me answer the next time it is asked. God has done great work thru these two doctors and their teammates in Haiti thru Living Water in the last few years. Praise be to HIM! 

God is still working. Last week one of the men He worked on for years surrendered to Jesus. He did it in an Ethiopian Eunuch way. After being convinced of the importance of surrendering his life to Jesus, and the importance of baptism, he chose to return home first. So Jean Gilles, Jackson and I went and baptized him into Christ. Pray for him because he was one of the prominent servants of the enemy.

Students Final Prayer at the End of a Fasting Day

Students Final Prayer at the End of a Fasting Day

God is still working. He is working on our student body. Right now students are taking their government tests all over Haiti. This is Week III now. It is the testing week for all 12th graders in the land. Next week the tests will be for the 13th graders. [Yes, Haitian schools have a 13th grade] Before the testing started many of our student met to pray from 6 AM until noon. Not all of the students are Christians already, though the majority of them are. God is still busy working on them all. Pray for them as they are facing this stressful time in their lives. Pray for their success, but more importantly pray that they surrender to Jesus.

Also pray for the ongoing construction of the transitional church building. We celebrated having sufficient funds to do the roof on the West side. Now we need funds for laying blocks and the preparation for the final roofs. 

Pray for the team now with us as they are working with our leaders.

Pray for the fight against the epidemic fever called Chikungunya. It does not kill people, but it is painful.

Pray for good health for all our teammates, both in Haiti and in the USA.

Pray for the week of Youth Camp from July 21 thru July 26.

May God bless you all and thanks to all of you who have been praying for us.

In Christ,

Salonique Adolphe and team

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