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News For April 14, 2016

Elondieu Transporting Rolls of Barb Wire


God’s Size Challenges

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to all of you in His name!

Haiti and Alaska are very different in many ways. They have totally opposite temperature. One is huge, Alaska and the other is tiny, Haiti. Alaska is proverbially underpopulated and Haiti is very populated. Yet, they share one thing in common: Mountains. In fact, the term Haiti means “Mountainous land.” So we do know what mountains look like. Yet many times in life or in ministry, our mountains look more like Everest than La Selle or Pic Macaya (Haiti). When we face those Everest like mountains in life and in ministry we need God. He will either move them away from us or get us through them.

To tell you the truth Living Water always faces those kinds of mountains. The last two months salaries have been a God’s size challenge. With extra expenses for moving to a new church, and other ministry related expenses, we have not been able to meet our payroll on time. In fact only yesterday we finished with the March payroll and we are already closing the second week of April. Times like this can be stressful. Mountains like this are tough to face, especially when you have about 200 people waiting to be paid. It is difficult. So please pray and help in moving this special mountain.

We face the God’s size mountain of fencing the whole farm land. The estimate to fence the land with concrete posts and barb wire was close to 60,000 USD. Thank God we are finding ways to save on that big time. Thank God for David Sears, Dale Samp and Mark Russell and their families for providing all the barb wire we need. They put the rolls of wire in the bus. That is why we have been making steady progress on fencing the land. Take a look at the photos.

Besides the ones we have referred to above, here is a list of our God’s size mountains:

  • The access road to the University Campus
  • The red tape about the surveying of the University Campus
  • The desks and furniture for the church offices
  • The continuous need to have mature, godly and soul winning men and women in leadership
  • The need to keeping up with the growth of White Mountain and Marmelade
  • The windows for the church offices and the classrooms
  • The unending delay of the court decision about White Mountain
  • The long wait for the license of the radio station
  • The challenges of planting two churches in the same year
  • The necessity of the bridge at Highland. Thanks to brother James and his wife who have already donated 2,000 USD toward that.
  • The private road on the church Campus before the rainy season

Those of you who have been in prayer for the village people to sell us a piece of property, your prayers have been answered. They have agreed to sell us the piece of land (Photo 7) for 4,000 USD. We praise God for that. This happened after over 18 months of going back and forth there.

We thank God for brother John, Jean and Emily. God has used them to move many mountains, not just for Living Water, but also for other missionaries around the globe. They were the ones who financee, as I said in a previous e-mail, the project of restoring the computer lab. Thank God they have just helped me purchased a new vehicle for the ministry.

As you will be praying for God to move those mountains, remember to pray for John and Helen Meyer, Don and Carolyn Herron, Rosemond Jean (for victory over demonic attacks), Emily and her family, Mark Nakoff, my dad and my father-in-law. God knows each situation, He is able to move those mountains.

If you have a question about any of those on the list, feel free to ask me.

May God bless you all.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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