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News For September 1, 2016

They Are Now 6th Graders

A Time to Invest (Part II)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to YOU in the name of Our Lord and Savior: JESUS!!!

The Summer vanishes like drops of water falling inside a hot pot. At least that is how I feel. Today September is in, which means for us at Living Water Christian Mission, and for the rest of Haiti, a new school year is in too. It will begin on Monday. At Living Water we will have the traditional worship service on Monday when we will dedicate the school year to God. There will be orientation for the new students after the service. On Tuesday at 7 A.M. classes begin. This school year will come with its challenges and its opportunities.

There is a variety of challenges. The challenge of school supplies for daily use. The challenge of paying salaries on time. The challenge of implementing new programs for the benefit of the students. The challenge of feeding all the students of the schools. And, there is the challenge of having everybody on the same page throughout the year. But with your prayers and your support we will overcome those challenges

We will also have opportunities. One opportunity is to invest in the kids, the future leaders of Haiti. They are the ones who are going to transform the country for the best. We will find the opportunity to influence them for another year for the Lord. We will also have the opportunity to guide them into a relationship with Jesus, or a deeper relationship with Christ. Another opportunity is to invest financially in their education. This opportunity may challenge some families to sacrifice eating out once a month so they can pay 30 dollars a month for a kindergarten or elementary student, or 50 dollars for a high school student. It may well mean reducing a few groceries or morning coffee or soft drinks for the month. It will mean a different sacrifice for different families. Yet I am encouraging YOU to make the sacrifice so that those kids could have a valuable education for Christ. Your sacrifice will help Living Water do what God has called us to do: Training a new generation of godly leaders for Haiti.

Whitewater Crossing Christian Church firmly believes in training the next generation of leaders for Haiti and has decided to partner with Living Water to make that possible. They have come up with a sponsor-friendly method to do so through a company called “Denarionline.” So now to sponsor a child all you have to do is click here┬áto go to the “Sponsor a Student” page, then click on “sponsor now”. At this point a whole list of students who need a sponsor will be in front of you and you can choose from them. Please use this means to help Living Water fulfill its missions for Christ.

In previous years many have made financial sacrifices for the students and the result is a number of the present young leaders in our churches and schools. Even some administrative staff were students that an individual or a family has invested in. My friends, it is time to invest in these children and this is the way to solve the problems of Haiti.

I want to thank everyone who has invested in Living Water, particularly those who have invested in White Mountain. They have just celebrated their fourth anniversary and I praise God for their faith, their favor and their determination to follow the Lord.

I want to thank also the sisters and brothers of First Christian Church of Mountain Grove for investing big in about 500 kids this Summer. It took as many as 70 young adults and adults to make the camp a success, I praise God for each and every one of them and for the opportunity they had to exercise their leadership skills.

I pray that, as our new school year begins this Monday, you will find many reasons to invest in a child at Living Water this school year. May God bless you as you are thinking about this life-changing opportunity.

In Christ,
Salonique ADOLPHE and team

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