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News For October 6, 2016

Water into Some People's Yard and Homes

Thanks for your prayers!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I am writing to thank each and every one of you who prayed for us during the passage of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Your prayers have been answered. God protected us from the fierce and vicious attack of Hurricane Matthew which devastated the Southern part of the country.

My city may never know how many people interceded for her that night. Individual people prayed. Churches prayed. Even classrooms with Christian teachers and colleges prayed. As a result of your prayers God squeezed the hurricane and pushed it slightly West of us. We were blessed to be preserved from disastrous devastation.

One thing I can hardly wrap my mind around is the fact that the wind stopped as it entered the city. Marmelade had a lot of wind. LaCroix where my in-laws are from, which only 10 miles South of Gonaives, had a lot of wind. We practical had no wind in the city.

Oh! my friend, Our God is big and great and deserves to be praised for His wonders. Living Water as a whole, the leadership in particular, thank God for His wonders in our favor.

When the Hurricane arrived it dumped lots of rain on the city. At some point it looked like the heavens were ripped opened. However, God did another amazing thing. The rivers up North, which feed our Quinte River (La Rivière La Quinte), mamely Gros-Morne, La Branle, Bayonnais, Marmelade and Ennery, did not send any water to us until Tuesday night. The rain water found our river dry, so the city avoided a flood. Again, praise be to God and thanks be to you for your fervent prayers.

As a result of God’s answer to your many prayers we had no death. Our devastations were limited and were nothing in comparison to what took place in Cayes, Jeremie and their surrounding areas.

In Marmelade they lost some farms. In Gonaives some homes were flooded. Brother Jean Gilles, our lead Elder, a man of God, had water inside his home for the whole night. Sister Christianne, one of our members, still has water in hers. I just learned about that a couple hours ago. Consequently the damage to her home is great. In reality her home was not in the best shape to begin with. We will need to help her with something better. People lost their small businesses due to the fact that vegetables and fruit without refrigeration do not last long.

I want you to know that in the next few weeks the hunger problem will be very serious. There were many farms destroyed in the South. There will be a pressure on the price of rice and other produce, even in areas that were not severely affected. The cost will be higher for everyone.

The need to intervene to help people is great. We need doctors. We need home builders, especially with 80% of the homes either destroyed or damaged in the South according to one report. We will need a lot of food. Schools will need to be repaired quickly so students can resume their studies. So those of us who have been blessed by the Lord with earthly blessings, whether big or small, I am entreating you to help according to your means to the glory of God the Father.

Please continue to pray that there will not be a breakout of malaria, cholera or typhoid in the areas most affected. Please pray for the people of Cuba, Bahamas and now Florida, particularly West Palm Beach area. Please come to help if the Lord makes it possible for you.

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and for your generosity.

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and team

One thought on “News For October 6, 2016

  1. Garret Ennenbach


    I was wondering how you guys are doing after the hurricane. I came back in 2011 and spent a week in gonaives. You guys are in my prayers i was wondering if you had heard from Edens. Thanks so much and God bless you all. Anxious to hear your reply

    Garret Ennenbach

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