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News For July 30, 2017

Salonique Looking at the Field Ready for Harvest

To God Be the Glory!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in His name!

Everyday we have a hoard of blessings for which we should praise God. In fact, if we looked closely enough, even in the worst of times, we have plenty of reasons to praise God. The Psalmist had it right long ago when he said, “Let all those who have breath praise the Lord!” (PS 150:6)

Last night I had a great night. As I came down the mountain after watching the men working on the antennas, and all the other equipment for the radio station, I felt I was inundated with joy and satisfaction. The Engineer called to show me that we are on the air, but he did not put out any sound yet. So there was no music, no voice. Perfect silence, yet the frequency was in operation. He did so for almost 24 hours.

Saturday morning he and his team resumed working. It was about 2 PM when Rosemond called to tell me the radio is up and running with great music. I quickly became like a little boy on Christmas morning who gets wild and crazy opening up his gifts knowing ahead of time that one of the gifts he was longing for is hiding under the colorful paper. Don’t you hate it when that annoying sticky tape prevents you from seeing the quickest possible way to your gift? That’s how annoying it was when my smartphone was not smart enough to let me listen to the sound coming from the radio station. My son Sam was kind and generous enough to share his phone with the widest smile imaginable. It was the music coming from our radio station. Great moment!

I did find a way to listen to it from a phone a few minutes later. As I am writing these words, I am listening to great Christian music coming from our radio station. Isn’t that wonderful? To God be the glory!

This event floods us all with indescribable joy. Some have teary eyes. Others can’t stop smiling. Lots of “high-fives” have been given in the last few hours since we have been on the air. Lots of “Gloire à Dieu” (Glory to God) have been uttered by different members of the team. My ole prof. Mr. Bob Stacy would say: “Wow!”

While we still have more miles to cover, it has been a long, long road. Brother Ken Croll warned me about it. But I thought it could not be that long. I don’t know if brother Ken knew it would be that long either. I was looking at the papers Micah and I sent off to the General Director of CONATEL, the organization that regulates radio in Haiti. The year on the application was 2011. We have been working ever since toward this goal.

Many were on the road with us in the process. Lots of prayers have been offered. Many have proven their belief in this project with financial gifts, plus prayers, plus tears. I am grateful for Dr. O’Barbe and his Debbie. Their passion and belief in the project were very encouraging to me. I remember the tears of my sister and friend Debbie O’Barbe when we were praying a few years ago in my living room before they left Haiti. Oh I am so thankful for John and Bonnie Furniss. Bonnie kept me from being discouraged many times. She shared this project with more people than she could even remember now, even to the media like radio and TV stations. I thank Tim and Julie Crockett whom God has used to show me the radio is His project. I remember Phil Marley’s advice. I have to confess that there is no way I can remember the names of everyone who has made this possible today, those who have given toward it. But the good news is “God knows” and that is what counts.

The next two weeks there will be a lot of adjustments made in the sound quality of the radio station. Contrary to what I thought, we are supposed to reach close to two million people in the next two weeks. Way better than a million we were thinking we would reach when we launched. Praise be to God!

I have a wonderful team of people here who have made this possible today. Micah Prophete is not here anymore, but I owe him much gratitude. Thanks to Rosemond, Murielle, Monexant, Jean Gilles, Desilien Pierre, Jacquesson, Widlin, Samuel, my wife Holgine and so many other people. We are all in it to bring Jesus to those who do not know Him yet; to help those who know Him grow their roots in the faith and to influence positively even those who don’t know Him. Let us continue to team up together to do just that till Jesus comes back.

Well, wonderful friends “A Dieu soit la gloire!” “To Go be the glory!”

In Christ,
Salonique Adolphe and team

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